Go Green, Save Energy

At Zlectric Solutions in Corpus Christi, TX we specialize in residential and commercial:

  • Electrical Designing – We Create Seamless Designs
  • Emergency Calls – Repair Issues in No Time
  • Panel Upgrades – Modernize Current Systems to Run More Efficiently

  • Remodeling – Call Us for All Your Renovation Projects
  • Service Calls – Fix Small Issues Fast
  • Troubleshooting – Get an Accurate Diagnosis

We also focus on energy savings with our custom lighting technology, which can be installed in your home or business.

Areas Served

Zlectric Solutions is family-owned and operated by Michael Zamora, a former military veteran who served his country over seas and is now back where he was raised to serve his community. We want all of our customers to experience the "Zlectric" way,

leaving customers satisfied one job at a time!

  • State Certified Electrical Contractor

  • State Certified Master Electrician



When you’re building a new structure, remodeling, or just getting an electrical upgrade, forget the rest and choose the best: Zlectric Solutions.

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